About Helen

Helen Wilding

Sound Healing Practitioner

Helen is a classically trained musician (violin, viola, and piano) with over 35 years experience in classroom teaching, school orchestras, choirs, and individual and small group tuition. She is also a member of numerous music groups from orchestras to quartets, jazz bands to world music duos.

Helen graduated with a B.Ed Hons in Education and Music from Surrey University, and a LGSM (violin teaching diploma) from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Helen also reached Grade 8 Piano with the ABRSM exam board. She has achieved her Diploma in Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Academy International and Reiki Level 2 with the Usui Shiki Ryoho method.

A multi-instrumentalist, Helen composes songs and instrumentals to suit every occasion~from children’s songs to Celtic compositions and jazz and classical instrumentals. She has arranged music for school bands and orchestras, as well as for individual pupils to support their musical learning. Helen is also a session musician, generally improvising on her viola or violin around ideas taken from artists’ visions and preconceived compositions. You can hear her distinctive sound on VoiceStrings recordings: https://soundcloud.com/wipperworks/sets/voice-strings

“… observing the sun dancing through the leaves, and hearing the subtle changes in the sounds around me…”

Helen muses, “From a young age I have always been fascinated by, and immersed in, the beauty of nature and sound. I have vivid memories of lying beneath the laurel bushes listening to the sounds of nature and watching the world move in its daily existence, observing the sun dancing through the leaves and hearing the subtle changes of nature’s sounds around me. I was always filled with a sense of calmness and positivity (I have often been told that my glass is always half full!), and shared my love of sounds, and of stillness, as a classroom teacher.

“Long before mindfulness was officially recognised and brought into schools, I would have my class of 6-7 year olds lying around the classroom, focusing on their breathing and their bodies, while I played relaxing sounds and guided them through relaxation exercises. There were always a few children who couldn’t contain a giggle or two or who found it a challenge to be still in the present moment~they were the ones who needed relaxation and balancing the most.”

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