“I just had another lovely sound healing session with Helen. I can’t recommend her enough! In such a crazy world we are living in right now, it is so important to ‘get away’ for a moment. Thank you, Helen. I can start a new week with a clear head and open mind.”

Iwona (sound healing client)

Helen’s Services:

Helen offers a wide variety of sound healing and musical experiences to suit your needs, both online and in person:

  • One to one sessions ~
  • Group Sound baths ~ £10 per person, currently in Bromyard, Leominster, Malvern and Branford, Worcester. Please see Events page for more details.
  • Centre for Wellbeing, Malvern~ Helen is now practising one to one treatments at the Centre for Wellbeing, Malvern.
  • Vocal toning: finding your natural voice through mindful breathing, toning vowel sounds, humming and mantras. The voice is a powerful, natural healing instrument, and these sessions allow you to explore your true voice and learn how you can relax and balance your own mind, body and soul. One to one and group sessions.
  • Music for Health and Wellbeing in Schools: extra curricular programmes for Primary and Secondary schools: twilight training for teachers; in school class workshops; after school curricular and sound healing sessions for students. Please contact me to discuss bespoke programmes.
  • Music for Health and Wellbeing in the Community: relaxed singing sessions to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, aid in balancing the body, mind and soul. Songs from musicals, hymns, traditional songs, accompanied by breathing techniques and vocal exercises to improve posture, lung capacity and strength. Suitable for everyone regardless of singing experience. Please contact me to discuss bespoke programmes.
  • Sound Healing in the Corporate World~Lunchtime and conference sessions for employees, aimed at reducing anxiety, increasing a sense of wellbeing, and therefore creating a more productive team. Please contact me for more information.
  • Concerts and sound baths in care and residential homes and hospitals.
  • Private tuition in violin, viola, and piano: working towards exams or just for fun ~ £30 an hour pro rata

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