VOCAL TONING (Meditation with Breath and Voice)

You don’t need to be musical or be able to sing to do vocal toning! This is a wonderful way of reducing stress and anxiety, becoming in touch with your true inner self and increasing your own health and wellbeing.

In Helen’s interactive Vocal Toning sessions you will be led through a variety of skills for you to use at home in your own health and wellbeing practice: breathing exercises, stretching and vocal warmups and exploring your own voice and its own skills. Helen guides you through toning the vowel sounds, seed sounds (Om, hum, lam), simple mantras and improvising. She may accompany sessions with sound healing instruments.

In Vocal Toning sessions you will be sitting or standing and moving around (very gently!) so wear comfy clothing and bring a drink of water with you.

Vocal Toning sessions are suitable for everyone!

Here is a short video demonstrating the kind of thing you may expect in my sessions. Each session is dependent on who is participating, their experiences and what they would like to work on.

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